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10 Bits of Random Wisdom Every Man Must Know

Mar 18, 2014 // By Marcus Brotherton

random donn

Photo by DAJ.

So, I keep an ideas file for my blog.

The following snippets of wisdom (along with about 40 other) have been sitting around for nearly three years. Since I haven’t developed them into full-blown blog posts by now, then I take that as a sign I need to clear out the file and start again.

But the snippets themselves are good—and I wanted to share them.

Below are the best—enjoy.  

1.      Never make a major decision on a Monday.

This goes for switching careers. Editing books. Dating women. Buying a new house. Everyone’s always a little bluer on a Monday. The world will look better on Tuesday.

2.      When doing repetitions of an exercise, count down instead of up.

This gives your workout a psychological edge, and it really works. Instead of counting from 1 to 10, count from 10 to 1. In your mind, you’re not pushing the stone up the hill that way. Instead, the elevator is falling down the shaft.

3.      The problem with the Internet is that NONE of the rest of life works this way.

You want instant answers? Instant purchase power? Instant gratification? It’s all just a click away. But if you start to look for Internet-styled immediacy in your colleagues, family members, spouse, or the driver in front of you at the red light, watch out. Only the Internet is immediate. The rest of life—real life—is not.

4.      When your wife or girlfriend says, “I’ll just be a minute.” That’s not a literal minute.

Also, when she says, “Hang the picture there.” She means hang the picture there. Or … there.

5.      When you travel by yourself and stay in a hotel, take a family photo with you and place it in the room somewhere in a prominent position.

Call home each night you’re away.

6.    It’s okay—even cool—for a man to drive a crappy truck.

You’re probably spending your money on things like groceries, diapers, the power bill.  

7.    Your new baby is self-centered and opinionated, demanding and loud.

It’s always about her, her, her. Good thing she’s the cutest kid in the universe.

8.      If you meet a self-professed expert …

in the stock market, the weather, or parenting, he’s probably wrong.

9.      I read a news story once about activists who set out in a canoe…

planning to paddle from Seattle to San Diego to raise awareness for some cause. They knew nothing about oceans, they admitted, and hadn’t trained at all for the trip. But they planned to learn about oceans and get in shape along the way as they paddled south. I never heard if they made it. I have my doubts.

10.For kids, it’s all about the big birthday present.

For grownups, it’s all about the big anniversary present.

Question: Your turn—what random bit of wisdom do you know?

  • Sam Middlebrook

    My dad Charlie has been a pastor for many decades. When I asked him for best advice on life and ministry, he said, “Never miss a glorious opportunity to just shut up”.

    • Marcus


  • Steven Kopischke

    Always pause before replying.

    • Marcus

      (Pause) …. definitely wise.

    • Tim Bauer

      The “pause” allows me to put my foot back on the ground!

  • kaylee russell

    One of the keys to a happy marriage is giving your spouse the same consideration and respect each day that you give to everyone else.

    • Marcus

      True! Thanks Kaylee.

  • Josh Lawson

    One of my favorites from my dad was borrowed from Lonesome Dove and we say it to each other this day. Capt Call tosses a gun to his (not yet acknowledged) son and says, “it’s better to have that and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it!”

    • Marcus

      I loved Lonesome Dove. Good quote, thanks Josh.

  • Elbe

    Your relationship with your spouse comes first and your kids come second. If you have an unhappy marriage you will have unhappy kids! Happy marriage = happy kids!

    • Marcus

      Agreed! Thanks Elbe.

      • Tim Bauer

        Happy Wife = Happy Life!

  • Tim Bauer

    “The world wasn’t made in a day!” (Goes w/internet instancy!)

    • Marcus

      Patience. Definitely. Thanks Tim.

  • Gary Sedgwick

    “Wait until next year” is a quote that Chicago Cub fans are famous for saying. I am changing it to “Wait for at least 5 years or more” for greater accuracy. We won the World Series in 1908 and that was before I could experience the thrill of victory.

    • Marcus

      I had always felt that way about the Seahawks. Different sport obviously, but … the rest is history. Thanks Gary!

  • Greg

    Always accept the truth – whether or not it is spoken in love. Don’t make it hard for someone to help you change for the better. Make it easy and you’ll get more help, even if you don’t want it.

    • Marcus

      So true, so wise, thank you Greg.

  • Husband

    Know how to win, know hot to lose, no difference

    • Marcus

      Very wise, thanks.

  • BKB

    There’s no upside to making an enemy, and now downside to making a friend – I wish someone had told me that when I was 21!

    • Marcus

      Great thoughts, thanks.

  • urbanviking

    Sometimes being leader of the pack means going slow enough for the pack to keep up.

  • Nate

    A mentor in graduate school had great wisdom for me during a time when I was writing my dissertation and it felt like an insurmountable task…an unclimbable mountain. He said its like building a brick house – if you think about the whole brick house you will be overwhelmed. If you think about picking up a brick and putting it on top of another, its managable. Just show up each day and pick up another brick – before you know it you’ll have a wall, and then another, and eventually you’ll have a house.

  • Jack

    It’s not all about the destination, you need to enjoy the journey.

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