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Apr 02, 2013 // By Marcus Brotherton
“These men are national treasures. This book could not be written ten years from now.
Not five. Maybe not even two.”
—Introduction, Voices of the Pacific


VOICES OF THE PACIFIC, the new book from New York Times bestselling author Adam Makos and me, releases TODAY, and we hope the book offers you something of immense value: the voices of heroes. 
Our book chronicles the United States Marine Corps’ actions in the Pacific Theater of Operations within the wider war, presenting the true stories of heroism and honor as told by such World War II veterans as Sid Phillips, R.V. Bergin, and Chuck Tatum—whose exploits were featured in the HBO® mini-series, The Pacific—and many other surviving Marines.
When Adam and I interviewed the Marines who appear in this book, we made them a promise: they could tell it as it truly was.
With unflinching honesty, these men reveal harrowing accounts of combat with an implacable enemy, the friendships and camaraderie they found—and lost—within their companies, and the aftermath of the war’s impact on their lives.
Come see for yourself what these remarkable men made of.


By Adam Makos with Marcus Brotherton
Now available.
Ask for it at a bookstore near you, or order your copy HERE.
Advance praise for the book:
“These are the true—and terrifying—stories of combat Marines struggling against a fanatical enemy on the far-flung islands of the Pacific. A powerful new book.”
—Dale Dye, military advisor for Band of Brothers and The Pacific
“A fantastic, deeply moving collection of stories told by the men who were actually there. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”
—Alex Kershaw, New York Times best-selling author of The Liberator


“Voices of the Pacific is the perfect complement to Eugene Sledge’s With The Old Breed and Robert Leckie’s Helmet For My Pillow.
Martin K.A. Morgan, author of Down to Earth


“Imagine a last conversation with your father or grandfather who fought in WWII, only this time he tells you the stories he always held back. That’s Voices of the Pacific.”
—Larry Alexander, New York Times best-selling author of Biggest Brother


“Like a Higgins landing craft, Voices of the Pacific rumbles to our literary shores without pretense to deliver first-person accounts of war with the same gut-level realism as the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan.”
—Bob Welch, author of Resolve


“An impressive array of personal stories from the nightmarish fights on islands such as Guadalcanal, Peleliu, and Iwo Jima, all delivered in a simple, poignant narrative that readers will adore.”

—Ian Gardner, author of Tonight We Die As Men


“Reading Voices of the Pacific is like listening in on a conversation between war buddies at a reunion—honest, unsanitized, and deeply humbling.”
—Justin Taylan, historian, Pacific Wrecks



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