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MARCUS BROTHERTON New York Times Bestselling Author

‘Grateful American’ now available!

Proud to announce the release Feb 12 of a new book, GRATEFUL AMERICAN by Gary Sinise with Marcus Brotherton. More

No Comments / Feb 12, 2019

Selected Writings from Marcus Brotherton

It was time for a cool change with the blog, so it’s gone except for announcements and news. But I kept 15 favorite posts for you to enjoy. More

No Comments / Oct 16, 2018

How Beautiful and Powerful: When the Crazy Woman Shouts All Night

“What a calloused, thoughtless person,” my friend concluded. Was he right? More

No Comments / Sep 19, 2017

All that We Can’t Hold On To … All that We Need to Set Free

This is a story for graduation, life changes, and all of us, when we realize the things — and people — we value so closely are in our whereabouts only for a season. More

No Comments / May 23, 2017

The Surprising Benefit of Attending Your Reunion

Soon you’ll be invited to a reunion. Maybe this year or the next. You’ll be asked to connect with people you haven’t connected with for a long time. Should you go or not? More

7 Comments / Sep 28, 2016

Who Will You Meet, After You Leave Home?

In late August, university students around the country head to school. Who did you meet after you left home, and how did they change you? More

22 Comments / Aug 25, 2016