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MARCUS BROTHERTON New York Times Bestselling Author

Tell Me About Where You Grew Up

The area you grew up in can have a profound effect on who you become. Tell me about where you grew up. More

23 Comments / Feb 18, 2014

This holiday season, are you shaking your fist at the storm?

No matter what our belief systems, Christmas is one of those times where we can talk about what’s beyond us. More

8 Comments / Dec 24, 2013

On baby daughters, X-rays, and life lessons learned in emergency rooms

There’s a leadership lesson here. A big, whopping, fetid leadership lesson. But what it exactly is … well, I couldn’t exactly tell ya. More

22 Comments / Dec 17, 2013

The Unexpected Ways a Father’s Greatness is Shown

I can still feel my father’s greatness rustle before a meal. We are outside on the back porch, and the barbecue sizzles though the springtime air is cold. More

16 Comments / Jun 11, 2013

This Memorial Day, He Understood the Price

When I examine Shifty Powers’ story, I see a man who paid greatly for freedom. He fought for his country when it immediately came under attack, and he also fought for the futures of all free peoples. More

13 Comments / May 24, 2013

When Ed Tipper Came Home From War ( … and what’s important about that for today)

May we—as countries and as individuals—do everything we can to show support to our returning troops. More

10 Comments / Oct 09, 2012