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MARCUS BROTHERTON New York Times Bestselling Author

The Surprising Benefit of Attending Your Reunion

Soon you’ll be invited to a reunion. Maybe this year or the next. You’ll be asked to connect with people you haven’t connected with for a long time. Should you go or not? More

7 Comments / Sep 28, 2016

Who Will You Meet, After You Leave Home?

In late August, university students around the country head to school. Who did you meet after you left home, and how did they change you? More

22 Comments / Aug 25, 2016

What does a 30-year friendship look like?

I bet you’ve got some great life long friends. Tell me about them. More

18 Comments / Mar 01, 2016

Tell Me About Where You Grew Up

The area you grew up in can have a profound effect on who you become. Tell me about where you grew up. More

23 Comments / Feb 18, 2014

This holiday season, are you shaking your fist at the storm?

No matter what our belief systems, Christmas is one of those times where we can talk about what’s beyond us. More

8 Comments / Dec 24, 2013

On baby daughters, X-rays, and life lessons learned in emergency rooms

There’s a leadership lesson here. A big, whopping, fetid leadership lesson. But what it exactly is … well, I couldn’t exactly tell ya. More

22 Comments / Dec 17, 2013