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MARCUS BROTHERTON New York Times Bestselling Author

This Memorial Day, He Understood the Price

When I examine Shifty Powers’ story, I see a man who paid greatly for freedom. He fought for his country when it immediately came under attack, and he also fought for the futures of all free peoples. More

13 Comments / May 24, 2013

When Ed Tipper Came Home From War ( … and what’s important about that for today)

May we—as countries and as individuals—do everything we can to show support to our returning troops. More

10 Comments / Oct 09, 2012

The Three Wounds of Smokey Gordon

Easter week special   I wish I had met Walter “Smokey” Gordon, one of the original Band of Brothers. He died on April 19, 1997 at age 76. His life story, as remembered by his children, is recorded in my book, A Company of Heroes. Those that knew him say he was an elaborate prankster,…… More

8 Comments / Apr 04, 2012

What Won Babe Heffron’s Respect

There’s one more important thing to tell about that day. I think it’s what won Babe Heffron’s respect in the end. It speaks highly of the type of man he is, and the depth of brotherhoods he’s formed over the years. More

10 Comments / Jan 24, 2012

The unimagined success of Joe Toye

How strange: although we strive for a specific kind of success, it may never come. Instead, unexpected opportunities appear in our lives. Call these chances for unimagined greatness. Windows for living well. More

16 Comments / Jan 10, 2012

How Beautiful the Boring Games You Played as a Child

Every generation, no matter how much we insist we’re different from other generations, is basically the same. When we’re kids, we all enjoy our self-made games. Those games get placed into the enormous blender of who we become, the mixture of wonder and mystery, creativity and color. More

11 Comments / Dec 20, 2011