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“Brotherton is able to combine creativity with competency. He beats every deadline and is a dream to work with.”

Trish Grader
Senior editor, Touchstone/Fireside, a division of Simon & Schuster

“Marcus has my undying gratitude for all his help and support.”

Lt. Buck Compton
Author: Call of Duty

“It’s a pleasure to work with collaborative writer Marcus Brotherton. Not only is he disciplined with deadlines and creative in content, but he’s also unflappable in nature. He quickly understands what is important as he assesses an assignment, identifies the issues, and brings together the components into a satisfying and cohesive whole for both author and publisher.”

Deena Davis
Senior editor, Regal Books

“Without Marcus Brotherton on my side I would have gone insane. He was a calming voice in every circumstance. He helped me shape and defend my words and thoughts. Thank you does not express my gratitude.”

Susan Scott Krabacher
President and co-founder, The Mercy & Sharing Foundation
Author: Angels of a Lower Flight

“It is rare that I can just put a book through to production for copyediting but [Finding Martha’s Place] was one of those times. I read and absolutely loved the manuscript. It’s a beautifully rendered story and I didn’t see how anything I could add would make it better-different, yes, but not better, and I love it just the way it was. Marcus was able to accurately capture Martha’s life and her voice and tell her story in precisely the way I imagined it after only one or two editorial conversations/e-mails-this is frankly awe-inspiring.”

Sulay Hernandez
Acquiring Editor,
Touchstone/Fireside, a division of Simon & Schuster

“Marcus Brotherton brings an extraordinary combination of gifts to his craft: speed, an engaging voice on the page, creativity, an excellent education, relationship sensitivities, and passion. I recommend Marcus for writing and editing projects without reservation.”

David Kopp
Executive editor,
Multnomah/WaterBrook, a division of Random House

“Marcus was able to synthesize my 50-year life story into one great 169-page book. He asked provocative, insightful questions that stirred my memory, and organized my words in a way that enabled us to communicate the passion and power of that story.”

Dr. Nancy Heche
Author: The Truth Comes Out

“Marcus demonstrated tact and sensitivity as he wove together the life stories of children and families in medical crisis. I look forward to working with him again.”

Jeff Leeland
Executive director, Sparrow Clubs USA,
Author: A Thousand Small Sparrows

“I have every confidence in Marcus. He understands the messages clearly and articulates them well to readers. Marcus listens well and spearheads the direction of how each book should flow. He is organized and thorough, a pleasure to work with.”

Carole Lewis
First Place Executive Director
Author: Stop It!, A Thankful Heart, First Place 4 Health

“Marcus Brotherton proved flexible and dependable, a solid team player. He’d be an asset to any writing project.”

C. Thomas Davis
President, Children’s Hopechest,
Co-author, Confessions of a Good Christian Guy

“Marcus captured the vision for my message. He brings insight, depth, and heart to a project. Get Marcus Brotherton on your team.”

Tammy Maltby
Co-host of television’s Emmy-nominated Aspiring Women
Creator: Confessions book series


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the bestselling author or coauthor of more than 25 books. Welcome to my blog. Thoreau pointed out how too many people lead lives of quiet desperation. Their lives are bland and meaningless, or they make choices that trap them in despair and darkness. By contrast, I want to help people lead lives of excellence. Meet here regularly for powerful stories and insight into how to live and lead well.