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MARCUS BROTHERTON New York Times Best Selling Author

Introducing the perfect new book for facing your ocean

May 15, 2018 // By Marcus Brotherton


Facing an ocean you need to swim? Take a deep breath. You’ve got what it takes.

It’s a book. It’s a movement. ‘The STUFF’ by Dr. Sampson Davis and Sharlee Jeter with Marcus Brotherton releases today.


I’m extremely happy to announce the release today of ‘the STUFF,’ a new book by Dr. Sampson Davis and Sharlee Jeter, written in conjunction with me.


Simply put: this is a book that can help you through hard times. It can motivate you forward, help you overcome obstacles, and give you the encouragement and tools you need to forge ahead to new and good opportunities.


Sampson and Sharlee are incredible people.


Dr. Sampson Davis

As a teenager, Sampson Davis was arrested for participating in the alleged robbery of a drug dealer. While in juvenile detention, he vowed he would get his life turned around and do something worthwhile.

Later in high school, he and two classmates all made a pact to become doctors. They made good on their vows, and today, Sampson is one of the top emergency room physicians in New York.

He and his friends established the Three Doctors Foundation, an organization that promotes health, education, and community leadership.


Sharlee Jeter  

Sharlee is the sister of baseball legend Derek Jeter. When Sharlee was a senior in college, she contracted Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Everybody told her she needed to quit so she could focus on treatments.

But Sharlee didn’t want to quit. She stayed in college while undergoing six grueling months of chemo, some days barely finding the strength to make it out of bed.

Today, she’s beat the cancer and is president of the Turn 2 Foundation, a nonprofit that helps young people reach their full potential and soar.


I often work in partnership with people who are already in motion, already doing significant work. One of my greatest joys is helping them further their reach through the written word.

L-R, Dr. Sampson Davis, senior editor Adam Wilson, Sharlee Jeter, and me, at the offices of Simon & Schuster publishing in New York.

How this book was created



Three years ago, Sampson and Sharlee were on the same flight when they struck up a conversation about how people can overcome obstacles.


Survivors themselves, they wondered how some people can seem so resilient through life’s difficulties. Why can some people navigate through difficult times with uncanny resilience, grace, and strength?


They knew their questions were big, questions everyone asks. Will the obstacle I am facing hold me back, or can I develop the power needed to move forward, overcome, and succeed? Do I truly have what it takes?


That initial conversation led to a journey. I jumped into the researching and interviewing process with them, and we set out to unlock the secrets of fortitude. Quickly, we began to use the term ‘the STUFF’ to describe this true grit, this unshakable inner strength, that people want and need.


We dug into journal articles, talked with psychologists, and interviewed dozens of “survivors and thrivers” to find the common threads that enabled them to triumph over their challenges.


Sharlee and Sampson interviewed the O’Neill family in Columbia, South Carolina. Remarkable people, the O’Neills have a daughter, Eliza, (pictured in red checked dress) who contracted a rare degenerative disease, Sanfillipo Syndrome. To help her, the family went into a self-imposed quarantine inside their home for 726 days.

Sampson and Sharlee traveled to Colorado to interview Wess Stafford, president emeritus of Compassion International, a cutting-edge global organization that helps lift children out of poverty. Wess has an incredible story himself of overcoming abuse as a boy. What struck Sampson and Sharlee perhaps the most was how Wess holds no bitterness today. They described him as “a marvel and an unsung hero.”

Sampson and Sharlee traveled to Memphis to meet with Mercy Alexander (white checked dress) and her mom, Debbie. Mercy has an incredible story of overcoming that began in an orphanage in war-torn Liberia. Sampson and Sharlee said afterward: “The Alexanders made us want to be better people; better parents to our kids, better family members to our siblings, and better support systems to our friends and loved ones. But most importantly, we learned that, even if you believe you are in over your head and you don’t have all the answers, sometimes you just have to ‘go for it’!”


Here’s what we found: everybody has the STUFF. That’s the good news. You already have the necessary mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual grit to face and overcome difficulty, adversity, temptation, and event lethal danger.


But learning how to develop and harness that grit is the key.


That’s where this book really shines.



What this book can do for you



This book helps you unlock the code.


We talked to people who overcame cancer, abuse, poverty, abandonment, blindness, disfigurement, paralysis, bankruptcy, toxic relationships, racism, violence, mental health challenges, career roadblocks, an early death of a spouse, the challenges of a sick child, and other obstacles big and small.


We synthesized the findings and formatted them into eleven core elements. These elements are as easy to understand as they are to enact—presented in plain talk, without judgement, and with compassion for the challenges people face.


We never set out to offer a magic formula or a one-size-fits-all plan for overcoming obstacles. Life is too nuanced and messy for that.


But our hope all along is that you’ll observe, interpret, and apply the principles shown in this book so you can discover and develop the Stuff within yourself—and then use the Stuff not only to face and overcome life’s challenges but also to take advantage of life’s many opportunities.


We want to give you tools to live your best possible life—not a life where you’re held back, stuck in a rut, or stymied by fear. But a life where you’re entering into all the good opportunities offered by your destiny.


‘The STUFF’ is the perfect book to help you go forward. Or for anyone you know who might need a little support or inspiration.


Purchase links are below. Enjoy!


“One of the most inspiring and motivating books of our time.”

—Wes Moore, New York Times bestselling author


“[A] message we need to hear right now.”

—Chris Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author

The Pursuit of Happyness



“An especially powerful book.”

—Jackie Hance, New York Times bestselling author



Ask for the STUFF at a bookstore near you.

Or order it from any one of the links below.