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MARCUS BROTHERTON New York Times Bestselling Author

Selected Writings from Marcus Brotherton

Oct 16, 2018 // By Marcus Brotherton

This desk is way too clean to be mine.

I blogged like clockwork from 2011 to 2018 and loved interacting with all y’all readers, but the winds of change blew. The blog is no more, gone except for announcements and news. Every ounce of writing passion I have is going into books. I kept 15 favorite blog posts (below) for you to enjoy!


What to Remember When Raising Young Pirates


How Beautiful and Powerful when the Crazy Woman Shouts all Night


Set Free Your Boat on the Water


The Surprising Benefit of Attending Your Reunion


Who Will You Meet After You Leave Home?


What Does a 30 Year Friendship Look like?


Tell Me about Where You Grew Up


 On Baby Daughters, X-Rays, and Life Lessons Learned in Emergency Rooms


The Unexpected Ways a Father’s Greatness is Shown


This Memorial Day, He Understood the Price


When Ed Tipper Came Home from War


The 3 Wounds of Smokey Gordon


What Won Babe Heffron’s Respect


The Unimagined Success of Joe Toye


How Beautiful the Boring Games You Played as a Child




Oh, and these too … Please enjoy a few selected articles of mine, posted on other publications, by clicking through the links below.


Stepping out from the Ranks (the Washington Post)


How a Man Handles a Miscarriage (Art of Manliness)


Be Happy with the Car You Drive (Art of Manliness)


Leader: Know Thy Biases (Michael Hyatt & Co)


The Foundational Traits of Every Great Couple (Relevant)