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Marcus Brotherton

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Incorrigible WWII paratrooper Rowdy Slater must survive his first year stateside by becoming a preacher in a hardscrabble Texas town. Inspired by true events. Winner of the Christy Award for excellence in fiction.

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3 Helpful Thoughts for When Your Hurting Friend Hides

E-mails and texts aren’t answered. Phone calls aren’t returned. Your hurting friend has simply disappeared. What do you do? More

No Comments / Mar 21, 2017

Watch actor Peter Youngblood Hills read Ch 1 of Shifty’s War

Shifty Powers was an ordinary man who trained to become the best. His story is inspiring because it sounds so simple. It’s inspiring because it’s so rare. More

No Comments / Feb 08, 2017

How the Queen of Sheba Can Inform the New American Order

There’s one trait that ranks right up there among the most needed in human relationships. It’s a trait we don’t seem to value much anymore, but it’s a trait that desperately needs a comeback, because it holds incredible power. More

No Comments / Feb 01, 2017

3 Things We Can Learn from Father Mulcahy

We lost far too many of the world’s luminaries in 2016. On the final day of the year, William Christopher, who played beloved Father Mulcahy of the 4077th M*A*S*H, died of cancer at the age of 84. In his wake Father Mulcahy left us laughter, tears, and some poignant lessons. More

No Comments / Jan 10, 2017

This Christmas: You’re Invited to Encounter the Mountain

This just might be the most important blog post you read all year. More

No Comments / Dec 15, 2016

7 Wise Principles from the Band of Brothers for a Troubled Election Season

We’re living through one of the most contentious political seasons in the history of this country. Who are you voting for, and why? More

No Comments / Nov 01, 2016
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the bestselling author or coauthor of more than 25 books. Welcome to my blog. Thoreau pointed out how too many people lead lives of quiet desperation. Their lives are bland and meaningless, or they make choices that trap them in despair and darkness. By contrast, I want to help people lead lives of excellence. Meet here regularly for powerful stories and insight into how to live and lead well.